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Made for the
9-to-9 Woman

We believe that easier is always better. That busy women shouldn’t have to lug around multiple bags to go from meetings to cocktails. That no one should have to make a choice between function and fashion.We saw the need for a bag that did it all. One that was roomy enough to carry all the essentials and stylish enough to send the right message no matter what the setting. A bag that would make life easier for the woman who was on the go from 9AM to 9PM. It was also important that our products were ethically produced using sustainable materials and methods that were safe for the planet. We wanted to offer an alternative to impersonal bags that were not socially or environmentally responsible.

Basically, we wanted to create a bag that any woman would be proud to carry.

We feel that a quality bag is a good investment for a prospering career. We also believe in the beauty of simplicity. It is our hope that a Saint Lombard bag will make your life easier, better, and more beautiful.

Inspired by California

Like many iconic fashion brands before us, we draw inspiration from California’s culture of hard work and innovation. It’s hard not to be inspired here— a place where start-up businesses are launched, where art, music and nature play, and where strong career-minded women thrive. Influenced by our San Francisco home, our collections reflect a modern aesthetic and purpose. Our Goal is to blend creativity and craftsmanship to create bags that will become stronger and more beautiful with time.

Committed to Quality

Each bag is carefully handmade just outside of Florence, Italy. We partner with Tuscan artisans who have been tanning and working leather the same way for centuries. Our bags are not produced—they are crafted. This dedication to exceptional materials and craftsmanship results in pieces that stand the test of time. Down to the smallest stitch, every bag is of the best possible quality.

Responsibly Made

We believe in responsible stewardship of the planet. We work solely with Italian tanneri es that source leather cast off from the meat industry, use a natural vegetable tanning process, and go beyond requirements to recycle waste in an environmentally responsible way. Our leather is never treated with harmful chemicals. Vegetable tanning uses leaves, bark, and other plant matter to create rich, earthy colors that grow more lustrous with age.

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